Hurrydate case study

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HurryDate Case Solution & Answer

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HurryDate Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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The Pilot Organizer by Thomas J. Desai, Doug Schillinger Leadership for Change: Acknowledgments We would like to thank HurryDate, Hurry Brands, and especially Adele Testani for their generosity, without which this project would not have been possible.

Kurzban teamed with Jason Weeden, who was working on his doctorate in psychology at the time, to study and interpret the data.

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Hurry Date Case

What are the key success and risk factors associated with this firm and industry? Because people differ from one another on these dimensions, preferences will differ correspondingly.

Rivkin Super Project by Richard F. Designing for Diabetics, Epilogue by Karen J. Internet Issues A by F. Datar, James Weber Zipcar: The researchers at the University of Pennsylvania studied dating data from 10, anonymous participants of HurryDate, a company that organizes "speed dating" sessions.

One sex usually the men then proceeds to the next round by changing seats.Maybe you're looking for a new tennis partner. Maybe you just want to conduct your own personal study on the favorite ice cream flavors of single people. In any case, you've never experienced anything quite like HurryDate on your typical night out after work.

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Aug 29,  · "HurryDate participants are given three minutes in which to make their judgments," the psychologists wrote in a paper published in the May issue of the science journal Evolution and Human Behavior, "but they mostly could be made in three seconds.".

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Oct 15,  · Problems with speed dating are few, including tolerating those who've had too much to drink, being asked personal or inappropriate questions and spending time with uninteresting people.

Hurrydate case study
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